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  • Wingspan Psychiatric

    138 South Columbus Ave.
    Suite 2
    Mt. Vernon, NY 10553


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    Phone: 718-701-3285

    Mon: CLOSED
    Tue: See Bronx Hours
    Wed: See Bronx Hours
    Thu: 6pm - 9pm
    Fri: See Bronx Hours
    Sat: 1st Saturday of the Month 10am - 5pm
    Sun: CLOSED

Office Schedule

please note that REGARDLESS of what your reminder may say, we follow the same schedule week to week

MONDAY: Closed
TUESDAY: Bronx Office 6pm-9pm
WEDNESDAY: Bronx Office 6pm-9pm
THURSDAY: Mount Vernon Office 6pm-9pm
FRIDAY: Bronx Office 6pm-9pm
1st Saturday of the Month: Mount Vernon Office 10am-5pm
2nd Saturday of the Month: Bronx Office 10am-5pm

Current & Existing Patients

For Routine Issues (Appointments, Medication Refills, etc.)

Call Wingspan Psychiatric today at 718-701-3285 or 914-509-2325 to schedule an appointment or ask us a question.
Tuesday - Friday from 6pm-9pm

New Patients or Administrative Needs

Please contact us at 718-701-3285 or 914-509-2325
Tuesday from 1pm-9pm or Thursday from 1pm-9pm
Please note that if you are dialing 718-701-3285 or 914-509-2325, both phones ring in both offices. You have the option of being seen in either office for any given visit, as both locations are part of the same practice.